Aditya Bandi

Product Manager in Foster City, CA

About me


I hope to start up again in the near future. Working on a few problem areas related to optimizing enterprise workflows using AI.


Currently leading the Yahoo Mail product for desktop. 2024 will be exciting for email!


In the past, I've co-founded Bookpad, a cloud-based document technology startup. Yahoo acquired Bookpad in 2014, and the technology is now integrated into Yahoo Mail, powering the document preview experience for hundreds of millions of users.

I graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati with a major in Design.

If you want to work with me in any capacity

Things I deeply care about in myself and the people I work with

Ability to empathize with the person in front.

It helps with

  • A deep respect for others
  • Ease of collaboration
  • Building useful products/businesses

Flexibility to change viewpoints with new evidence/information.

It helps with

  • Transparency in decision-making
  • Building meritocratic environments
  • Courage for truth-seeking for all stakeholders

Attention to detail.

It helps with

  • Producing quality work
  • Building a culture that cares
  • Reducing failures
  • Work
    • Product Manager @ Yahoo!
  • Education
    • Design @ IIT Guwahati
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